Hello all! I’m pathological liar, Ron Johnson. Where to begin?!  I have a long history of extremely shitty takes. As one of the most vocal proponents of Trump’s “big lie,” I repeatedly downplayed January 6, variously claiming that the attempted coup wasn’t “an armed insurrection,” even though that’s exactly what it was; that the rioters were not actually Trump supporters but “provocateurs” impersonating Trump supporters; and that I was never once worried for my life because the mob that stormed the Capitol were there to overturn an election, not protest for equal rights for Black people.

I'm a major purveyor of COVID misinformation, dispensing anti-vaccine rhetoric, and was temporarily kicked off of YouTube for promoting bogus cures. In 2010, I opposed a Wisconsin bill that would have eliminated the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims to bring lawsuits. And four years later, I did not tell the “police, Senate or Wisconsin officials that a former aide was allegedly sexually assaulted by a state lawmaker.


And let's not forget my extensive work with Russia that we'll delve into on this website, and my immense amount of funds given to me by The NRA which I've made clear by my choices is more important than the lives of our children. On that note, I look forward to building shooting ranges in front of elementary schools since that seems to be the best place for my supporters to show their stuff!!

But just recently, another huge development came to light...text messages making it clear that I, Ron Johnson, attempted to hand-deliver fake electors to VP Mike Pence. BOY HOWDY is this website gonna get crazy!!!



FULL DISCLOSURE: My team is full of idiots. And this website will get into all of that coming soon when the full website goes live!